am i the only one who loves that luke has acne?? i feel like it shows that he isnt perfect and is just like the rest of us yet hes still gorgeous and its a lil reminder like yeah u have some imperfections but hey so does luke hemmings and hes still hot as fuck so u are too


do you ever sometimes feel like that you’ll never make someone happy? I’m not particularly talking about relationships, I’m talking about in general. That someone won’t go to sleep glad they talked to you that day? That they won’t smile when your name pops up somewhere? That you won’t be remembered? Maybe it’s just me.


I like the Vamps band twitter account because it’s kinda easy to tell who’s on it. If it’s important info and all spelt right it’s probably James (or management). If there’s excess letters or #vamily it’s gonna be Tristan. If it’s all in caps then lets be real it’s Connor. And if there’s some very dodgy spelling and that dancing emoji it’s gonna be Brad. 

The Vamps outside their hotel in Manchester on July 17th, 2014